endeavor energy resources

Endeavor Energy Resources, the largest locally owned oil company in West Texas, was founded in 1979 as a sole proprietorship. A sister operating company, LCX Energy, was purchased in 2005. Endeavor and LCX operate over 4800 oil and gas wells, located mostly in Texas. With increases each year, the current combined production by Endeavor/LCX is 19,000 barrels of oil and 100,000 MCF of gas per day. Endeavor/LCX is the 10th largest producer of oil in Texas.

big dog drilling co.

Big Dog Drilling began operating in 1996 with one small drilling rig. Big Dog’s fleet now has 23 rigs, some drilling as deep as 18,000 feet. Big Dog operates in West Texas, Southeast New Mexico and in the Barnett Shale near Ft. Worth, TX. Big Dog Drilling is known for safe and efficient drilling at a moderate cost.