Benefits of Membership


The Air Conditioning Contractors of America, or ACCA, is the largest heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration centered business organization in the world. Having an abundance of members in all fifty states, the ACCA is an organization focused primarily on the contractors and we operate only to help our members remain at the top of their industries in terms of overall success.


With six local chapters including Akron-Canton, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Central Ohio and Northeast Ohio there are many great reasons to join including building relationships through networking, finding expert advisers and progressive training methods as well as being able to take advantage of our 3-in-1 membership; one price offering local, state and national level membership ensuring your voice is heard.


Providing informational stepping stones for all of our members, the ACCA offers advantages for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses serving smaller communities. The services offered include easy profit margin calculation through our CalcuNow software, marketing programs such as ComforTools used to increase and retain your consumer base, answers to general legal questions, access to leading technical experts as well as up to 25% off on select ACCA items and services.

Professionalism/Quality of ACCA Members


Most people take for granted the comfort provided by their central AC; heat pump or furnace until something goes wrong and the unit needs to be serviced or replaced. When this happens, you need a quality HVACR contractor who is knowledgeable, skilled and qualified to do the job.


A Professional Contractor:
• Complies with state and local codes and regulations and carries the proper business and workers compensation insurance.
• Is prompt and courteous and provides fast, reliable service while attempting to perform service at your convenience.
• Has the skill and knowledge to not only service your equipment, but if necessary, to design and install the right system for you.

When Consulting an HVACR Contractor
• Ask the contractor for references. Find out if other customers are satisfied.
• Ask the contractor about his or her license.
• Ask the contractor is he/she is a member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. ACCA contractors have access to the latest technical information regarding HVAC systems. And through ACCA, contractors learn how to make quality an integral part of their company operations.




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