Welcome to the New Hampshire Dental Society


The New Hampshire Dental Society is the professional association of dentists in New Hampshire. Its purpose is to:

• promote the art and science of dentistry

• represent member dentists

• provide leadership, educational information and other services for member dentists

• through its members insure the oral health of the people of New Hampshire.


The New Hampshire Dental Society speaks for dentistry of the state level on legislative, regulatory and dental issues involving the public. The society provides its members with quality continuing dental education programs, placement services as well as a variety of other services.
The society is composed of nine component dental societies that form the foundation of the constituent society as such and play a critical job in providing direction for the entire organization. Member dentists have a voice in their preferences in the manner in which the society functions.

Member Benefits

Through your participation in the NHDS, you will meet other dentists, network with colleagues, find employment opportunities, enjoy social gatherings and participate in other community events. Welcome to NHDS: Get the benefits, reap the rewards.


Legislative Agenda

The NHDS presents a unified voice to the state legislature through lobbying and educational activities related to dentistry and public oral health. We monitor all dental-related bills and work to protect the oral health of the public and the profession.


"To me, the most important benefit of becoming a member of the New Hampshire Dental Society is being a part of a larger community and getting to know other local dentists so I have other professionals to bounce ideas off of and to grow as a professional."

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