Answers to Questions

Our reference files of municipal ordinances is the largest of its kind in the state and is constantly growing. The files are part of your Municipal Information, and are the backbone of one of the most sought after League services.

Being Heard

The League has an established reputation as an advocate for municipal interests speaking before committees.


Some of the services we endorse include: the Municipal Unemployment Insurance Program, and the Municipal Lease or Purchase Agreement.


Other beneficial programs include the Municipal Property Casualty Insurance Program, Deferred Compensation for Municipal Employees Retirement, and the Municipal Revenue Enhancement Program.


For a complete list of all the programs and services the West Virginia Municipal league endorses, click the “programs tab” in the “menu-bar” on our homepage.

Staying Informed

Staying informed is key to running any municipality, which is why at the West Virginia Municipal League we keep members informed through a variety of publications, and through our user-friendly website which makes for fast and convenient searches.

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