At Saint Anthony's Dental Clinic, Dr. Anastasia Loumbardias practices preventive and corrective dentistry that keeps bringing beautiful smiles into the world. Regardless of which procedure you come to see Dr. Loumbardias for, you can be well assured that you will receive professional and gentle care, with pre procedure discussions to go over any concerns or questions you may have. You can review the various corrective and preventive measures offered here, or feel free to call Dr. Loumbardias for more information.

Check ups. Gentle and effective examinations check for cavities and other problems that may be developing. Full teeth cleaning and polishing and computer tooth imaging round out your exam.

Brace Adjustments. Crooked and gaped teeth need help getting back on track and braces need help adjusting to the changing features of a growing set of teeth and gums.

Cracked, chipped or overly worn down teeth need special bonding and ceramic repairs that are afforded with crowns, veneers, caps and bridges. Dr. Loumbardias returns your teeth to their natural appearance.

We do Cancer screening with a state-of-the-art Velscope.

Teeth Whitening. Whether you need to address serious tooth discoloration from stains, or you just want a brighter smile, this procedure is quite helpful.

Root Canals. When tooth enamel gets so eroded that the tooth nerve is exposed, incredible pain and discomfort are sure to follow. This procedure removes nerve tissue and ends pain.

Contact Saint Anthony's Dental Clinic and talk with Dr. Loumbardias about which procedure you may need and what that procedure entails. Your reassurance is Dr. Loumbardias' priority.

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