Our Drive-Thru

Watson's has Northumberland's only "Drive-Thru Pharmacy window" for your convenience. Patient counseling can be done in the privacy of your car, at the window ,by our pharmacists. Perhaps you are finding difficult to walk into the pharmacy for whatever reason, or perhaps you have a sick child in the back seat that has just gone to emergency and you need a prescription filled and do not want to disturb the child taking him/her into the pharmacy.

Just pull up to the window and your prescription can be filled while you wait. Maybe you need some OTC ibuprofen, or a decongestant for a cold. No problem! Just tell the technicians what you need and they will shop for you....its that easy!Drop off your prescription and pick it up later on your way home from work.

No place to park....no problem....use the drive-thru.

Contact Information

68 Walton St.
Port Hope, ON L1A1N1
Email: dwpharm@cogeco.net
Phone: 905-885-2101
Fax: 905-885-5593