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Looking for quality childcare for your child?

Come and visit us and see all that we can offer you and why we are different than others. We provide:

  • •Licensed facilities
  • •Board Of Health approved menus
  • •CPR and first aid certified staff
  • •Transportation to and from school
  • •Temporary transportation to and from home if your car breaks down at no extra charge
  • •Spring Break, Winter Break, and Summer Camp with field trips
  • •Preschool - curriculum designed to prepare your child for kindergarden
  • •CCDF assistance accepted
  • •Spanish speaking staff on board
  • •Surveillance Cameras in every classroom

Comparison of Industry Regulations

Did you know that NOT all childcare providers are required by the state of Indiana to provide the same level of care to your child? Its true, from nutrition, to learning environment, to the staffing ratio of teachers to children, some child care providers simply don't have to adhere to any regulations. "Research shows that high quality early learning experiences prepare children for future success in school, work and life. Birth through age 3 is the most important time for growth of the human brain. A child's brain develops according to the child's experience which is why providing quality child care is so important" ( source Indiana Family & Social Services Administration). Why take a chance on your child's most important developmental years with substandard childcare, when you can offer your child so much more at an affordable price?

Comparison Chart of Industry Regulations

Category Regulation
Day Care
Class I
Class II
Teachers Training Director/Administrator-College Degree
Teachers Training Staff have H.S. Diploma or GED
Teachers Training Staff have on going training
Teachers Training Lead Teachers have CDA or better
Teachers Training All staff-Universal Precautions training
Teachers Training All staff-first aid
Teachers Training At least one person with CPR
Teachers Training all infant/toddler staff have CPR
Teachers Training Staff must be 18 years old
Ratios Infants- 1 adult to 4 children
Ratios Toddler- 1 adult to 5 children
Ratios 2’s- 1 adult to 5 children
Ratios 3’s- 1 adult to 10 children
Ratios 4’s- 1 adult to 12 children
Ratios 5’s and older- 1 adult to 15 children
Ratios Ratio 1 adult to 12 children when transporting
Ratios Ratios followed on playground
Ratios Ratios followed in cafeteria
Ratios Group Size limitations
Square Foot Square footage requirements
Square Foot Playground square footage requirements
Square Foot Outside play area-playground regs followed
Classroom Training Must be one story
Classroom Training Toilet/Sink to child ratios
Classroom Training Disaster/Fire Exits Posted
Classroom Training Minimum Lighting Standards
Classroom Training Minimum Heating Ventilation Standards
Classroom Training Planned written activities
Classroom Training Full range of activity centers in each room
Classroom Training Duplicate toys in every room
Classroom Training Appropriate learning equipment
Program Wooden Blocks-specific sizes
Program Watching movies related to curriculum only
Program Climbing toys in classrooms
Program Evaluations for each child
Staff Policy Criminal Check-every employee or volunteer
Staff Policy Health Exam
Staff Policy Annual TB
Staff Policy Pre-employment drug testing
Staff Policy Specific Transportation Regulations
Staff Policy Annual evaluations
Staff Policy Orientation and new employee training
Inspections Full fire inspections
Inspections Food Safety
Inspections Sanitation
Inspections Health
Inspections Program
Inspections Safety
Inspections 3 yearly licensing inspections
Nutrition Approved written food/nutrition plan
Nutrition Breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks served
Nutrition Meet 75% of RDA’s
Nutrition Two snacks provided
Nutrition Seconds offered
Nutrition Substitution/Special Diets provided
Nutrition Meets ISDH food service sanitation standards
Child Health Health Exam
Child Health Immunizations required
Child Welfare Continuity of care until 2 1/2 years old
Child Welfare Children must be with adult at all times
Child Welfare Separate space for belongings
Child Welfare Handwashing monitored
Child Welfare Sanitizable sleeping area
Child Welfare Supervision in rest room

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