Al Davis Pharmacy - Lafourche Parish, LA


What's your pride and joy? For Al Davis, it's his pharmacy. It's the reason his name is on the sign. His passion is the reason you get your prescriptions filled here. It's the reason you shop here for value and selection. For over 38 years, Al Davis has been dispensing his personal brand of advice, pharmaceutical savvy and friendship to appreciative communities and their families.

Families know they can rely upon the Al Davis name to deliver sound medical advice on medicines and their effects upon the human body. They know they can rely upon the Al Davis name for personal, friendly and caring attention towards prescriptions and household shopping. Al Davis Pharmacy delivers on value by offering the kind of discount prices you're not likely to see in large chain drugstores.

If you're already a customer at Al Davis Pharmacy, we haven't told you anything you don't already know. If you're not a customer, come on down and say “hi” to Al and discover why you and your family should be the newest friends on the block.

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4708 Highway 1
Raceland, LA 70394
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P: 985.537.7050
F: 985.537.7060