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'Do what you do best and the rest will follow.' We've all heard this saying at one time or another, but Al Davis must have heard it about the same time he decided to become a pharmacist because since 1972, Al Davis has been doing what he does best, what he loves best- dispensing his pharmaceutical knowledge with his down home charm.

Al Davis purchased a forty year old pharmacy in 1972 from a gentleman doctor named Guy Jones. This pharmacy would be the first of four that Al would come to own and operate and its seasoned charm probably appealed to Mr. Davis, especially the grand dame of cash registers that came with it; a stately antique giant from 1924 that tickled the fancy of clerks and customers alike.

In 1978, Al purchased another pharmacy which had formerly been known as Lefort's Pharmacy, making it the second one he owned in Lockport, Louisiana. Although both pharmacies had earned themselves a loyal following by 1983, Al decided that it would be easier to merge the two stores into a brand new third pharmacy that same year . Al Davis ran his third Lockport pharmacy for fifteen years.

Today, Al's fourth pharmacy holds the familiar moniker of Al Davis Pharmacy and Al remains true to his roots by operating his current store a mere six miles from his original Lockport location. How has the 'Al Davis' name survived for so many years? Simple. Simple courtesy, sound medicinal advice, value and variety for all your home care product needs and a staff that's truly glad you stopped by to shop and say “hello”. Why not join the group of satisfied customers at Al Davis Pharmacy and write yourself a prescription for a little piece of local history.

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