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Holmdel Cemetery has taken care of the residents of Monmouth county, as well as the entire tri-state area for generations. With over 210 years of experience serving families you can feel confident in entrusting your loved ones to our cemetery.

What sets Holmdel cemetery apart from many others is the quaint, tranquil, park-like setting that offers people a feeling of comfort. Our cemetery offers a peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for long walks or simply sitting and enjoying the solitude.

The staff at Holmdel Cemetery encourages all that visit to enjoy the grounds. Holmdel Cemetery has been here since the 1800's and with your help and respect it can remain the dignified, peaceful haven that has been chosen by thousands of families as the final resting place for their loved ones. Not to mention a place where people can come and observe nature, take a stroll, reflect, and be at peace with the universe for generation upon generation to come.



All over the world, the choice of above ground entombment inside a Mausoleum has become tradition.

In Biblical times, above ground tombs were already used by the more prosperous, who prepared for them well in advance of their passing. The story of Joseph of Arimathea, honoring Jesus with the use of his tomb in the New Testament, is an illustration of this, Jesus was entombed above ground.

Pharaohs in ancient Egypt had great pyramids constructed to serve as their above ground tombs in advance of their passing. The Taj Mahal which is regarded as a mausoleum and known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and today believed to be one of the most beautiful tombs in the world. The ancient Catacombs of Rome where all the Popes are laid to rest, the tombs inside Westminster Abby, the Vatican, and the tomb of the Unknown Soldier were Mausoleums to follow, and have become famous monuments in their own right.

Modern Mausoleums Today

Today, with modern construction, and efficient use of space and material, mausoleum entombment is no longer reserved only for the wealthiest of society. In fact, many times an above ground mausoleum is comparable or even less than below ground earth burial. It allows for a casket to be permanently sealed in an above ground enclosure completely protected, therefore not exposed to the natural elements of a ground burial.

The mausoleum, itself, is constructed of reinforced concrete and "faced" with beautiful, polished granite or marble tablets on the exterior. The crypts interiors are ventilated, allowing the casket area to stay dry. When an entombment is made, the casket is placed carefully inside the crypt, the vents are opened, and the crypt is then sealed from the outside, no longer exposed to the elements. The front tablet of the crypt is then positioned back in place, and names, birth and passing dates as well as a personalized Epitaph can be memorialized with permanent engraved letters within the polished stone.


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