"A medical practitioners greatest gift to a patient is that he cares for you. Ram's greatest desire is to see your pain end, and you healthy and strong again. By providing hours up to 9 pm at night, Ram allows patients to continue working and still receive great physio services. Working 12+ hours, Ram's smile always welcomes you to a clinic where healing and caring are one. I wish the government medical plan funded Private physio to the extent they fund hospital physio!"
D. C.

"After suffering from a life altering injury, the Whitecourt Physiotherapy Clinic provided an effective pre-surgical exercise routine. Rotator cuff surgery was performed and repaired the severe damage to the muscles of the right shoulder. Ram provided an effective regimen of exercise including both in-house and at-home to facilitate healing. Continual personal supervision with gradual increase of the level of resistance was monitored on a individual scale.

Efficient and friendly support staff made the rehabilitation an enjoyable factor. It is with great confidence that I can state I owe my recovery to Ram of the Whitecourt Physiotherapy Clinic and staff."
H. A. W.

"I cannot thank Ram and the girls at Whitecourt Physical Therapy enough for the treatment I received before and after a recent knee surgery. The atmosphere at the clinic is very positive, friendly and fun which is exactly what is needed to counter physical pain and injury. The hours of the clinic are very convenient and they are very flexible with making appointments to fit a patients schedule.

Ram's experience, treatment and professional attitude were all very beneficial to my recovery. He pushed me to beyond what I thought I was capable of and was always understanding and encouraging in the process. Ram is a personable therapist with a great sense of humor. He has an ability to put people at ease and make them comfortable.

With the positive experience I have had with Whitecourt Physical Therapy, I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone in need of any kind of rehabilitation."
S. B.

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