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You want to know who's taking care of your children and so do we. Professionalism is paramount at Children's Garden Daycare and our thorough background checks and training programs ensure your child's safety and happiness.

Children's Garden Daycare is in strict accordance with all Illinois State guidelines and restrictions pertaining to the many levels and aspects of childcare. We require the background of our staffers to be thoroughly checked out and cross-referenced against Illinois State Police records; we sure don't want any 'weeds' in our Garden. Employees must posses certification of First Aid training and must be able to be emotionally acute, able to recognize physical or psychological abuse in the home. Children's Garden Daycare always maintains a proper child-to-caretaker ratio. Some daycare centers just take on as many kids as they can to make a profit, but this is a no-win situation for both child and caretaker. Care must be personnel and effective. Children's Garden also follows state regulations pertaining to food handling and preparation.

At Children's Garden Daycare, you are free to request and look over the references of our employees and you're always welcome to come down and visit our daycare center and talk to some of the parents who already have children in our care. When you feel good about us, that's the biggest “thank you” we can receive.