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Through the eyes of a child, it's a garden of delights. To parents, it's a garden of paradise. For our staff, it's a place to watch little ones grow. Children's Garden Daycare maintains a versitle and enjoyable daily program that enriches your child and broadens their horizons and that pleases children, parents and staff alike.

At Children's Garden Daycare, your child feels comfortable in the world, pleased with themselves. These are important ways for a child to feel when they're away from home because it helps them build a sense of inner security, and a child is more likely to flourish when it feels that all is well in their world.

The certified and fully trained staff at Children's Garden serve as authority figures who gently guide and instruct your child through each daily event, providing encouragement and support.

Physical exercise activities are designed to strengthen hand-eye coordination, balance, focus and cardiovascular endurance. Group activities help children learn about how they are individuals but also how very much alike they are and at Children's Garden, social skills are 'golden' skills.

Learning about the world around them is fun for a child and Children's Garden gradually moves their lessons from familiar immediate environments like home or classroom, to broader venues like backyards and neighborhoods.

Nutrition is essential to every young child in the 'garden' and meals are prepared with care in a clean and responsible kitchen that every parent can feel good about. Balanced and versitle, meals served at Children's Garden provide the energy and concentration your child needs to enjoy the rest of their day.

Communication is vital in our bi-lingual community and the staff at Children's Garden is trained in bi-lingual studies. This allows your child to not only function well in daycare, but to be exposed to a second language which will make them versitle and well rounded in school and the community.